Who We Are

The team at Solvés consist of 3 close friends brought together by a problem that was discovered while on a road trip in Indonesia.
We felt that the bags that were carrying with us were too inconvenient as the compartments and sizes were either too small or too large.
After the trip, we decided to come up with product line that provide solutions to each and every of your traveling problem
revolving around the belief that: Bags don’t only carry things, they carry your style. Establishing Solves, 2012.
Our Promise

Selecting from the best quality materials coupled with dedicated hand sewing, we reassure the quality and commitment we provide to our customers.
Every single detail that is designed onto Solvés, is carefully quality checked by our team.
Inspired based on experience together with user feedback, we are always improvising to meet our customers’ needs.
We highly regard the finest details of the bags we provide from its interior to its exterior design & material

Each of our bags has its own problem to solve, we carefully design our interior compartments to solve all your travelling problems. 
Stay tuned for more upcoming exciting collections & let us know what you would like to see
1st ever Customizable bag in Indonesia

Our customers are our priority, the need that every individual is unique and
hence providing the option of customizing their bags with the initials will enhance the user’s ownership.
Now, you would not have to worry about someone carrying the same exact piece as you