Shipping & Returns

How to return?
  • Please send the bag with its orginal packaging back to
Jl Pondok Bambu Batas no 10, Pondok Bambu, Duren Sawit, Jakarta 13430
After we receive the product, we will provide a code for your to redeem your credit on the next product

How can I cancel my order?
  • We apologise as no cancellation will be allowed at the moment
What if my bag tears after 1 week?
  • Our warranty covers repair for a lifetime. Send the bag back to us and we will have it repaired and sent back.
I need the bag ASAP, is there an option?
  • Alternative 1: We provide COD dependant on the stock available
  • Alternative 2: We provide expedited shipping with additional cost
How can I track my order?
  • A tracking number will be sent to once we have shipped the bags
Can I collect the bags by myself?
  • Yes, current available areas are Tebet, Ragunan, Pondok Bambu and Depok.
  • Upcoming areas: Whole of Singapore & Jakarta. Stay Tuned
Why hasn’t my bag arrived?
  • It should take less than a week to arrive. If it takes more than a week, please contact us.